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Senior Businesses

Baby Boomer?  Senior Over 50? . . . and want to work from home?  Check the Top 10 Home Internet Businesses for Seniors listed below.


eBook Publisher
Informational "How To" eBooks are hot. Anyone can easily produce one and set up a system to sell as my special 7 Step Book Report  points out. Are you a great salmon fisherman? Put together a report on "My Secret to Catching Salmon - Guaranteed" for instance. Ideas are limitless.

Affiliate Programs
If you don't think you can write your own eBooks or create some other product to sell on the Internet, then sign up as an affiliate to sell products of other businesses. There are many instances of people making a full time living doing this. Refer to > Affiliate-Programs

Web Designer
If you are the creative type and have mastered design tools such as XSitePro, Frontpage or Dreamweaver, you will be in demand to help create websites. This "job" is a natural for a home Internet business. You can also list your services here:

DeskTop Publisher / Graphic Artist
Creative? Provide collateral material for company websites, public relations, brochures, catalogs, etc. As noted above, advertise your services at and

Internet Sales and Marketing
Have a tangible product that you need to market? Or know someone who needs help in marketing their products? Unique products that are hard to find are good bets to sell on the Internet. Learn how to market on-line by using many of the methods outlined on this website or in my 7 Step Book Report. Become a master at marketing and you will be in high demand.

Virtual Assistant
If you have top administrative and organizational skills, this would be a natural "job" for you. Think "executive secretary" or "administrative assistant" and all that comes with it. With the downsizing of many companies, more work is being contracted out and also more employees are telecommuting. The virtual industry is definitely growing. (see report: Virtual-Office-Assistant)

Personal or Career Coach
Money magazine recently cited coaching as the fastest growing profession next to management consulting and is an excellent home business. From skills and experience you have developed in your own life, you can potentially be a great "coach" to others. Get certified on-line and "hang out your shingle"!
For more info:

Free Lance Writer, Copywriter, or Information Researcher
Be a sleuth for information that executives and others need but don't have time to search for themselves. Government regulations, intelligence regarding competitors, and employee background checks are a few of the areas to pursue.

Proficient writers are always in high demand, especially if you are talented in "direct selling". Also writers needed for:
1) Newsletters
2) Press releases
3) Resume writing, proofing, etc.

Distance Learning, Multi-Media, Audio / Video
"Distance learning" is a growing industry.
1) Teach courses on-line
2) Consult or teach with the use of teleconferences
3) Create and sell audio and video courses

On-Line Auctions (Ebay)
Get involved in the biggest "flea market" in the world. Almost anything imaginable is for sale. Are you skilled in evaluating antiques? Select items at garage sales or antique shops and resell them on Ebay.

Start a new business selling products based on the popularity (or scarcity) of certain items you see being sold on Ebay. The possibilities are limitless.  Millions of dollars a day are being sold on Ebay.

Here are two great  resources:

Wholesale Suppliers for USA, Canada, Australia, France, UK, Hong Kong and more

The Silent Sales Machine

Here is another source for additional ideas:

Small Business Locator
"Find YOUR Small Business (Or Idea)"
Undecided as to what web business you want to do?
This site gives you multiple choices ...

Also, check our Resources page >> Senior Resources



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